Founded in November 1998 and known until September 2010 as “Brian’s Wargame Pages”, The Warbard is mostly concerned with 28mm pulp adventure gaming, science fiction gaming with the various Ground Zero Game (GZG) rulesets, and fantasy gaming, including Chipco’s Fantasy Rules! 2nd/3rd Ed. rules in 15mm. Various other eras, projects or entirely random things will be posted as and when they seem interesting!

This current incarnation (a belated 12th (!) anniversary rebuild) of The Warbard runs on WordPress; the old “Brian’s Wargame Pages” was lovingly handcrafted HTML, but got far too unwieldy, was astonishingly out of date, and had not kept current for many years. Whole sections of my evolving wargaming interests weren’t reflected in the contents. Moving to WordPress is a chance to make keeping current much easier, as well as allowing more authors and contributors to make the site more interesting.

I’ve invited my brother Corey, who I do a lot of wargaming with, to join the site and add his own material. That’s the other part of the reason for the name change – “Brian’s Wargaming Pages” just wasn’t right for a multi-person site, so we’ve gone back to the site’s domain name for a name – welcome to “The Warbard”!

We each publish our own stuff here, and if we work on a post together we’ll publish it as “The Editors” instead of under our individual names. We’ve also been known to add interjections to each other’s posts, when we want to add something.

All of the old content from the “Brian’s Wargame Pages” days should be around here somewhere, eventually. If you can’t find something, contact me and I’ll resurrect it from the files. The entire old website is still up, for now, at oldstuff.warbard.ca, if you want to rummage around!

Here’s to another twelve interesting years, and many more!

— Brian Burger
Updated 2 June 2011, first written September 2010.

Wargaming & Such (formerly Brian's Wargaming Pages)