Advice to a British Lead Soldier

Being a Kipling fan, I kept this when it came on one of the mailing lists I’m on, and decided to post it here. I have no idea who the original author is, but I didn’t write it, so if you know who did, please contact me so I can give credit where due! In the meantime, enjoy. — Brian

Advice to a British Lead Soldier
Dedicated to LVB
by Flashdout Kasting

If yer painted with oils and washed with a brush,
If yer de-tail’s all crisp and yer parting-line’s flush,
Remember it don’t mean a tittle or tush
To the Man Who Writes The Rules

If yer coat’s painted red when it ought to be blue
An yer ‘at’s an off-color, yer skin’s a sick hue
It don’t matter a bit ‘ow some fool painted you
For you lives an you dies by the Rules.
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One Week Until GottaCon & “Amulet of Fire”!

Next Friday GottaCon 2011 opens here in Victoria, and a week today, Saturday the 5th, is my pulp adventure game, “The Amulet of Fire”.

I’ve just finished the Encounter Cards for both Acts of Amulet. Here’s a few of the possible Encounters for Act One, “The Missionary Position”:
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Where is the Orbiter stuff?

The Orbiter meshes for the Percival Lovell and space stations were for a very old version of Orbiter and are not currently supported. Check out the Orbiter Hanger, Orbiter Forum, and main Orbiter page for more information about the latest in Orbiter.

As both Brian and I run Ubuntu these days, it is unlikely that any new development for Orbiter will happen, at least until Orbiter is finally Open Sourced and ported to OpenGL and Linux.

Mesa we will see you again?

Climbing up the side of the mesaLarge terrain pieces are the lifeblood of any good gaming table and in a fit of boredom late one night at my old job (after my work was done for the day, honest), I set out to create such a piece.

Enter the mesa. Like many such projects, there was absolutely no prior design, just some scribblings on a pad before I set off to construct it. I knew I wanted a stone arch with a pathway up and over for characters to fight on, and I wanted a winding road up to a plateau, but everything else came as I hacked and sawed.

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Old Signs for your Pulp Gaming

Old Signs for Pulp Gaming
Old Signs for Pulp Gaming

Inspired by my brother’s Fake Pulp Adverts post, I thought I would share one of my projects. Over the past few weeks I have been working on a series of old signs for pulp-era 28mm gaming. Designed for any era from the 1900’s to the 1940’s and in any part of the English-speaking world, these signs are fairly versatile.

You can also download the PDF version (Old Signs for Pulp Gaming) if you want a vectorized copy for scaling. As usual, these are designed in the superlative Inkscape, an Open Source vector editing program. The fonts used largely come from DaFont, which has a large set of free and Open Source fonts for use.
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Random Pulp Fake Adverts.

I’ve posted these on various forums, but never collected them into one place before. For your amusement, a batch of fake 1930s ads – grab the full size versions off Flickr to reproduce for your personal use on the sides of buildings, on billboards, or whatever!
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