Posts that potentially inspire gaming, terrain or other projects. Period photos or graphics, amazing gaming creativity elsewhere, and such. Of course the whole site is intended to inspiring great gaming projects, but this category is for the really good stuff, and the offsite sources of inspiration we share links to!

Links of Interest, 12 December 2019

Posted on Dec 12th, 2019 - By Brian Burger - 1 Comment

If you're interested in terrain building but not sure where to start, or you already craft terrain but want to step your game up, there's a bunch of…

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Savannah Terrain

Posted on Mar 13th, 2019 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

This is diorama-level scenery building, but almost everything he does in this video is applicable to wargamer-proof terrain too and the final result…

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Trumpeter Salute 2016 Photos

Posted on Apr 22nd, 2016 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Finally got my Trumpeter Salute 2016 photos off the phone and onto Flickr a few days ago. The full collection is over on Flickr but here's a few…

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Dice Problems

Posted on Nov 7th, 2015 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

I'm off in Vancouver this weekend, so have a brief link to an older Penny Arcade comic about one possible solution for that age-old gamer problem,…

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Links of Interest, 25 March 2015

Posted on Mar 25th, 2015 - By Brian Burger - 2 Comments

Yet another post of short links, news, random bits, and oddments that wouldn't warrant a full post. Laser-cut MDF for early motor vehicles? They…

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To Delay Is Dangerous

Posted on Mar 20th, 2015 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Via the US Library of Congress, this fantastic simple British recruiting poster from 1915. Really fantastic handdrawn typography and an eye…

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Quiet Except For Goblins…

Posted on Nov 14th, 2014 - By Brian Burger - 2 Comments

A month between posts... I managed more updates that that from a hotel room in far northern Alberta while working 70 hour weeks! I have been doing…

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A Roman Dice Tower

Posted on Jul 26th, 2014 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Rummaging around on the internet for information and pictures of dice towers, I tripped over this awesome piece of work, the Vettweiss-Froitzheim…

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The Atlantic on WW1

Posted on May 13th, 2014 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

The Atlantic magazine is running a ten-part World War One in Photos series with some very interesting images I've not seen before. They're doing a…

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The Free City Sourcebook

Posted on Apr 13th, 2014 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Not a roleplaying book, although it sounds like it, and an RPG set in Danzig could be pretty cool, actually, now that I think about it, but the Free…

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Retreat From Moscow

Posted on Mar 16th, 2014 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Back in late January, two of the gamers of our group put together a 28mm Napoleonic "Retreat from Moscow" game that was a blast - everyone had a…

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Canada’s 1919 Siberian Expedition

Posted on Dec 24th, 2013 - By Brian Burger - 1 Comment

Here's a nice Christmas present for those of us interested in the Russian Civil War, the Great War and related events: is a…

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Fancy Photo Setup (or not…)

Posted on May 15th, 2013 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

After I was done taking photos of my Lead Painters League Round Five entry, I figured the setup I use might be of interest to others. So here's a…

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Links of Interest, 8th Feb 2013

Posted on Feb 8th, 2013 - By Brian Burger - 2 Comments

First "Links of Interest" miscellaneous post for 2013, so it's a long one! The fantastic blog Wargaming with Silver Whistle is, like I was…

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1920s Atlas Scans

Posted on Jan 24th, 2013 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

The website Hipkiss' Scans of Old Maps has the 1920 London Geographical Institute's The People's Atlas scanned as fairly high quality images. It…

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WW1 Posters On BibliOdyssey

Posted on Jan 8th, 2013 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

The often-fascinating website BibliOdyssey has just posted a glorious selection of World War One posters from the US, UK, France, Greece and…

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Pulp-era Aviatrixes

Posted on Jan 7th, 2013 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

"Aviatrix" is the feminine version of "aviator", but of course you knew that already. This fabulous pair is courtesy Kemon's Flickr stream, which has…

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Eastern Front Details for the Tabletop

Posted on Jan 4th, 2013 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Rummaging through other people's blogs (as one does) I tripped over this nice two-part series on Eastern Front gates: Part One, Part Two from August…

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Happy New Year, Have a Pulp Travel Sticker!

Posted on Jan 1st, 2013 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

I haven't posted any random pulp graphics for a while, so here's a 1920s/30s style British India luggage sticker featuring the Taj Mahal. I'll…

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Explaining The Rules

Posted on Dec 31st, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

The boardgaming website Shut Up & Sit Down has an excellent, if slightly long, article on explaining the rules, and some of the hazards of being…

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More Horse Painting Links

Posted on Dec 29th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 2 Comments

I've linked to articles on horse painting before, starting with an excellent and now-vanished GW article, but I've just discovered a huge series of…

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All Over By Christmas

Posted on Dec 24th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Squamous Cthulhumas, or whatever other mid-winter holiday you celebrate! Here's a bit of family Christmas history…

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The Invisibility of Good Rules

Posted on Dec 15th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

No, not rules for Frodo sneaking up on Smaug with that useful ring of his (although possibly related), but the trick of having good rules that you…

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Further Great War Resources

Posted on Dec 6th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Over a year ago, in July 2011, I wrote a long article called Great War Resources with links to the Internet Archive and other places you could find…

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Always Good Advice

Posted on Nov 16th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

The Known Rule NGR contains a large number of rules, and in the end it is not likely someone will have them all memorized. The rules of this game…

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Dogs of War

Posted on Oct 28th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

No, not the Warhammer-universe mercenaries, but the real thing, in real-world wars. The Library of Congress' excellent Flickr account, where they…

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US Marines in Interwar China

Posted on Oct 7th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Dusting off my sadly-neglected blog this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend to post a link to a very cool trio of old movies shot in the early 1930s by…

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Two New Books: Britmis & The Great War on the Western Front

Posted on Aug 19th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

My most recent order from Naval & Military Press showed up this week; just over three weeks enroute isn't bad for surface shipping from the UK to…

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Pulp Atmosphere

Posted on Aug 7th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Urban pulp is often about the dark alleyways, the gritty industrial districts, the shadowy corners, the threatening figures in fedoras and…

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Airships for Lenin!

Posted on Jul 10th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

A bit later than the Russian Revolution/Russian Civil War-era Russian history that I usually post about, but it overlaps so beautifully in our pulp…

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For Canada Day: UK National Archives pictures of Canada

Posted on Jul 1st, 2012 - By Corey Burger - 0 Comments

In commemoration of Canada Day, our former colonial masters have found some pictures of that place formerly known as their colony of Canada and very…

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Interwar Iraq (and elsewhere)

Posted on May 31st, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

I've previously posted images from the San Diego Air & Space Museum Archive's Flickr account, but they've just uploaded nearly one thousand images…

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Links of Interest, 14 May 2012

Posted on May 14th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

This should be worth watching: Curt of Analogue Hobbies is beginning a Great War in Greyscale project. Most figures in greyscale, officers in a very…

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Books from Naval & Military Press

Posted on May 13th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Back in April I made an order to Naval & Military Press, a UK-based specialty publisher with a focus on military history. The books arrived last week…

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Links of Interest, 1 May 2012

Posted on May 1st, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

A few things to start your month off right! Paul of Paul's Bods has a rather clever nearly-math-free method of getting a perfectly fitting roofs.…

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Half-Timber & Rural British Architecture

Posted on Apr 19th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 2 Comments

The English Civil War has become a definite back-burner project around here, but it is still around, along with ambitions to make some more Western…

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Terrain, Fonts and other Links of Interest, 13 April 2012

Posted on Apr 13th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 5 Comments

To celebrate (?) this fine Friday the 13th, another of my occasional posts of links. Muskie commented on my Youtube scenery videos post to remind…

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Scenery and Terrain Vids on Youtube

Posted on Apr 11th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 4 Comments

I don't spend a lot of time rummaging around on Youtube, so up until recently I'd missed the immense amount of wargaming material there, especially…

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Transporting the SPAD

Posted on Apr 9th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Almost all of my gaming is done away from home, at other houses, up at the university on the weekend (our local miniatures group takes over a…

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Red Airships!

Posted on Mar 25th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

I am, as mentioned in the last post, neck-deep in prep for my Russian Civil War game less than a week away at Trumpeter Salute 2012. Nevertheless,…

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Spectacular Zeppelin Model

Posted on Mar 10th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Bit of a quiet week here on the Warbard. I've been burning up all my available hobby time painting Russian Civil War figures. There's two dozen…

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Zeppelins From Foam

Posted on Feb 28th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

This has minimal bearing on the 28mm pulp gaming we usually do that might involve a zeppelin, but it's such a cool and masterful technique I have to…

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Autogyros, Pulptastic Cars and Such

Posted on Feb 26th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Via the excellent x planes tumbblog, this rare cabin-equipped autogyro, the Pitcairn PA-19: ... and via the equally excellent Dieselpunk, this…

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The Next Building Project

Posted on Jan 5th, 2012 - By Brian Burger - 2 Comments

I don't usually like to talk about plans and ideas before there's at least some progress to show off, but while I was away over the New Year I had…

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Templates for Cards

Posted on Dec 20th, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Because I happen to have a stockpile of them around the place, several years ago I started using pre-punched Avery business card sheets as gaming…

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More Autogyrations

Posted on Dec 16th, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Via Flickr user kitchener.lord, some still images of interwar autogyros recently posted. Most of what kitchener.lord posts is interwar…

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RCW Cards & Blinds In The Flesh

Posted on Dec 11th, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Finally got around to printing and cutting out a full set of the Russian Civil War Mud & Blood cards I created a few weeks ago, as well as the…

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Links of Interest, 9th Dec 2011

Posted on Dec 9th, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

If you haven't already read Sidney Roundwood's excellent 29 Ways to (try to) Stay Creative: A Wargamer’s List yet, you really do need to. The…

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Posted on Nov 17th, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Second-pulpiest flying machine (after, naturally, the dirigible) the autogyro is barely seen these days but carved out a niche for itself in the 20s…

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Featherstone’s “Battles With Model Soldiers”

Posted on Nov 12th, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

A friend scored this 1970 classic of our hobby when I was at BottosCon in Vancouver last week, and was kind enough to loan it to me right away, even…

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Messrs. Clarke & von Clausewitz

Posted on Jul 19th, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

"Everything is very simple in War, but the simplest thing is difficult." — Carl von Clausewitz, On War Richard Clarke of TooFatLardies has…

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Zeppelins. We like Zeppelins.

Posted on May 19th, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

There's zeppelin on the curent banner for this site, and we're notorious pulp gamers, so it should come as no surprise that zeppelins are amongst our…

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io9 covers WW1, interwar, and WW2 European pulp

Posted on Apr 2nd, 2011 - By Corey Burger - 0 Comments

io9, source of much pulpy goodness such as the Tozo comic, has turned its attention to European pulp, covering the period from 1914 all the way…

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An LPL3 Archive

Posted on Mar 10th, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

As discussed in my last post on entering LAF's LPL5, here's all ten of the images from my 2009 LPL3 entries. I finished somewhere in the bottom third…

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Gallery: Shipyard Photos for Inspiration

Posted on Feb 22nd, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Another revival from the old Brian's Wargame Pages version of the site, and one that I should have brought forward ages ago! You can see the…

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1920’s Egypt in colour

Posted on Feb 21st, 2011 - By Corey Burger - 0 Comments

Egypt, much in the news today as it was in the 1920s when these pictures were taken, is the focus of this photo collection: Egypt in the 1920's in…

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Tozo – the Public Servant: a Tintin-esque comic

Posted on Feb 20th, 2011 - By Corey Burger - 2 Comments

The Tintin series is a great resource for all sorts of pulpy goodness, and in that, vein, comes Tozo - the Public Servant. Just take a look at the…

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Pulp Design Tools & Resources, Part Three: Inspiration

Posted on Feb 17th, 2011 - By The Editors - 1 Comment

A necessarily brief, personal and idiosyncratic tour through some websites with noteworthy archives of 1920s/30s posters, postcards, luggage tags and…

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A Classic Lost World Image

Posted on Feb 1st, 2011 - By Brian Burger - 0 Comments

Via x-ray delta one on Flickr, this image (no source is given) is a classic "Lost World" illustration! I want a 28mm miniature of the guy on…

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