FR! Battle #1: Unbolg the Uruk Offends the Dwarves

This is an old battle report from the original Warbard – Corey

750pt Dwarven force (Joel commanding) vs 750pt Orc/goblin force (Brian commanding).

The foul uruk-hai and snaga underlings of the uruk chief Unbolg had been raiding and plundering the fringes of Dwarven territory for too long already, and their latest move was the last straw: the uruk had moved into and desecrated a hilltop site dedicated to the Dwarven Smith-God. Mustering the axedwarves and warriors of the realm, the Thane of Greymount marched out to recover the holy site.

The Dwarves had a great body of axedwarves (7 Handweapons), the best of whom were in the Greymount Guard (1 Elite Handweapon). Two companies of crossbowdwarves (2 Crossbow), a unit of feared Bearriders (Hvy Cavalry, causes Fear) and a great balista-mounting battlewagon (Battlewagon w/ Hvy Arty) completed the Dwarven line. Thorin Silvershield (Hero) was first amongst the Axedwarves, and Razan Bear-rider (Hero) lead the Bearriders into combat. The Thane himself lead the army (General), and an outraged Cleric of the Smith-God (1st Lvl War Cleric) accompanied the force.

The Uruk of Unbolg were not many (3 Handweapons) but were accompanied by a great mob of slave-orcs (6 Mobs of snaga) and a group of terrible Trolls (1 Elite Handweapon), while the low-ranking Uruk took up their bows (4 Skirmishers). The wargs and their riders rounded out the force (2 Light Cavalry wolfriders; 2 Small Monster units of wargs). Unbolg himself lead the force, waving his plundered Dwarven axe overhead (General w/ Exceptional Weapon). The Uruk Grashnek carried the revered tribal Banner of the Flame God (Hero w/ Army Standard), and Garz the Mad hammered his drum to inspire the troops (Bard) and aid the slimy snaga shaman Sqee (1st lvl Fire Shaman) in incinerating the hated Dwarves.

Battle was joined in a narrow valley between the holy hill and a larger hill toward the river. The warg-riders poured ahead on the right flank, the wargs moved onto the large hill to the left flank, and the main orc mass moved ahead slowly, with the skirmishers out in front. The Dwarves advanced in two lines of infantry, one behind the other, with the Bearriders and battlewagon gaurding the right flank and the Greymount Gaurd on the left flank.

The first clash came when the artillery of the battlewagon fired upon the snaga wargriders, who pressed on until fully half of them were destroyed, the remainder falling back to find easier targets.

As the Dwarves moved forward, they encountered the uruk skirmisher screen, the foul arrows of which slew many great Bears and their riders, utterly destroying the unit. Undismayed, the Dwarves slew many skirmishers with crossbow fire until the remainder fled behind the main body of the uruk, there to harass the enemy with bowfire.

A great fight developed on the very top of the sacred hill, as a Dwarven crossbow unit that had pressed ahead was attacked by a great mob of snagas and the wolfriders pressed upon their flanks. The great battlewagon thundered to their aid, but too late, as the crossbow Dwarves were swarmed under by the snagas, who were inspired by the great Flame Banner in their midst. The snaga found themselves overmatched by the great battlewagon, however, which crushed them under it’s great wheels.

Down below in the valley, the two infantry lines impacted with a great noise and greater slaughter, as the Dwarves had been filled with the battle-lust and power of their Wargod, and their rage was terrible to look upon. The uruk and snaga had fully half their battleline obliterated in the first minutes of combat, and the remainder were sore pressed despite the power of the Trolls and the efforts of the snaga fire shaman, who did summon great sheets of flame to protect the flanks of the surviving uruk and snaga.

On the far left flank, the ravening packs of wargs had been driven back and destroyed by crossbowdwarves and axedwarves, although the unit of crossbowdwarves had fallen when the great berserk fury of the Wargod siezed them and dashed them against the wargs, who were still more terrible that the berserker Dwarves.

The horribly outnumbered, outflanked and hard pressed remenants of the tribe of Unbolg fled cravenly into the wilds, and never troubled Dwarven lands again.

Great game – hope my opponent enjoyed it as much as I did. More battle reports coming soon.

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