Dirt Roads from Caulking

A graphic tutorial I whomped up for the heck of it, as usual in the incomparable Inkscape.

roads 1/4
Caulk Roads Graphic Tutorial 1 of 4
roads 2/4
Caulk Roads 2 of 4
roads 3/4
Caulk Roads 3 of 4
roads 4/4
Caulk Raods 4 of 4

Because Inkscape has been getting a lot of play here recently, a quick screenshot of this project in progress inside Inkscape. One of the things I really like about Inkscape is that you can lay an entire project like this out all on one canvas, then export the individual pages or pieces as PNG files when you’re done. The canvas is effectively infinite, so you can drag pieces off to one side to work with them, or copy and modify one part multiple times until you get a version you like, and move that back to the main drawing.

inkscape canvas
The caulk road tutorial inside Inkscape.

2 thoughts on “Dirt Roads from Caulking”

    1. More than flexible enough to be draped over hills and other scenery, but surprisingly tough – in the nearly two years we’ve been using these road pieces none of them have torn or anything — Brian

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