Russian Civil War Sailors (and post #200!)

I speed-painted these guys in about two evenings back in March so they could add a bit of colour to the Russian Civil War game I ran at Trumpeter Salute, but haven’t gotten photos of them until now.

The figures are Copplestone’s Bolshevik Sailors, although at this point they could fight for either side; the Whites had sailor-infantry too, although nowhere near as well known as that of the Reds. I painted them up in fairly pristine naval uniforms, which is probably slightly more Hollywood than historical, although the various naval units were known to cling to their unique insignia and uniforms in the field — they did have a reputation to maintain, after all! I have to give credit to other people who’ve painted these figures up beautifully, especially over on Lead Adventure, as I cribbed freely from their photographs to get these sailors looking good and fairly accurate.

A section of Russian sailors for my RCW forces. All figures by Copplestone. Click for full-size, as usual.

The colourful naval uniforms help break up the unrelieved khaki mass of my Reds; my Whites get their colour from the plaston of Cossack infantry that forms about half of my current White. The sailors will get another round of highlighting at some point, likely when I paint up the new sailors I recently ordered from Copplestone. The faces and blue uniform items especially could do with another highlight. Still, not bad for pre-convention speed painting, I think!

Two Hundred Posts!

This post also marks the 200th post here on the Warbard! Not bad for less than 18 months of activity in this format, is it? We had a big burst of activity right at the beginning as I turned content from the old site into posts and caught up on a backlog of stuff I’d never documented, but still the average is somewhere around three posts per week.

That’s 200 posts published (plus about a dozen in-progress ones lurking in the background), 250-odd images, 60 or so comments (about two-thirds from actual readers, the rest from myself or Corey replying to those posts) and 5000+ spam comments, only a few of which ever actually got out into the site, the rest died in Akismet or the moderation queue.

Onward and upward; here’s to the next two hundred!

One thought on “Russian Civil War Sailors (and post #200!)”

  1. They are really nice, but they would be better with a little stronger highlight. I also plan on getting my hands on some naval infantry, but I will buy/convert/sculpt them in 1:72.

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