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A 2011 Review

Happy New Year! Just back from a week away from my computer and my workbench, spent visiting the folks inland, and counting down the hours until it’s back to work and such.

Although this website has been around on various hosts and under other names since 1998, 2011 was our first full year in this relaunched blog format, powered by the awesome WordPress and a renewed and expanding interest in wargaming! So how did that first year go, anyway?

Random Stats of Possible Interest

We started rebuilding the site back in September 2010, officially relaunched in January 2011, and we’ve been going steadily since then! According to the web statistics package we run, there were just under 17,000 visits to the site, with just over 20,000 pageviews (just over 1 page per visit, in other words). Most of our visitors are from (top 5, in order) the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

April 2011 was the busiest month we’ve had so far, with just under 2,000 visits.

In terms of posting, this post is the 149th posted to Warbard, with the vast majority — roughly 130 — being from 2011, giving us a rough average time between posts of under 3 days. Not bad!

The most popular single article was the review of .45 Adventure 2nd Edition, with various terrain articles and gallery posts filling most of the rest of the top ten. We talked about Inkscape quite a bit, lots of pulp adventure, and more recently the Russian Civil War.

Going into 2012, expect more RCW, more pulp, more terrain & buildings, and of course the two main gaming conventions locally are rapidly approaching in February and March/April 2012! 2011 was a great year, and I expect 2012 to be even better!

The New Re-Launched “The Warbard”

This website is devoted to wargaming, mostly in pulp adventure, hard science fiction or fantasy settings. The rules we play include Rattrap’s .45 Adventure, Dirtside II (Ground Zero Games), Stargrunt II (GZG), Full Thrust (GZG) and Fantasy Rules! (Chipco). We’ve got house rules, Galleries of my own and other people’s pictures of miniatures & games, reviews, how-to articles, and even some free stuff you can download.

This is the slightly-belated twelfth (!) anniversary edition of my wargaming website, with new shiny WordPress-based backend that we’re slowly converting all the old content over to. (the original site was founded in November 1998 as “Brian’s Wargame Pages”… I’ve gamed with players younger than my website…) The still-relevant parts of the old website are almost all converted now; with possibly another short flurry of postings of half-forgotten things still to come.

I’ve invited my brother Corey, who I do a lot of wargaming with, to join the site and add his own material. That’s the other part of the reason for the name change – “Brian’s Wargaming Pages” just wasn’t right for a multi-person site, so we’ve gone back to the site’s domain name for a name – welcome to “The Warbard”!

We each publish our own stuff here, and if we work on a post together we’ll publish it as “The Editors” instead of under our individual names. We’ve also been known to add interjections to each other’s posts, when we want to add something.

— Brian Burger
Last updated 11 April 2011; first published 11 Jan 2011.