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Links of Interest, 1 May 2012

A few things to start your month off right!

Paul of Paul’s Bods has a rather clever nearly-math-free method of getting a perfectly fitting roofs. It would need a bit of adaption to work with the removable roofs I usually give my structures, but not much!

I’ve also just discovered the Flickr account of the San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives, which is full of all sorts of great interwar aviation imagery!

They’ve got autogyros:
Pitcarin Autogyro

The famous zeppelin USS Los Angeles:
USS Los Angeles

…and this fantastically pulpy looking volcanic island, with (unfortunately) no location information. I’m absolutely certain that steaming caldera houses a Mad Scientist’s Secret Headquarters or a Lost World, however!
Interior of volcanic caldera

The San Diego Air & Space Museum Archive’s Flickr account is all part of the fantastic Flickr Commons scheme, which has great museums, libraries and archives from all over the world putting their material on Flickr with no known copyright restrictions.


Second-pulpiest flying machine (after, naturally, the dirigible) the autogyro is barely seen these days but carved out a niche for itself in the 20s and 30s.

There’s a formation of US Army Aviation Corp autogyros being put through their paces. No date on the video, and no identity of which model of autogyro is being demonstrated, which is unfortunate. Still a very cool and pulpy piece of newsreel footage!

(video here on Youtube, if the embedded video fails to show up above)