Pizza Box 25mm Skirmish Scenery

PIZZA BOX SCENERY: This 25mm science fiction scenery was inspired by a 25mm pirate tavern from a now-vanished webpage. That one was designed for a tavern-brawl skirmish; mine is designed for SF skirmishing on space stations or other large indoor facilities. The two pizza boxes still fold up for travel & storage, and the various walls, columns & partitions were carefully laid out so they’d mesh together when the box was closed.

The interior walls are mostly matte board, which is strong and thin – and it was on sale very cheap at a local art supply store! The hazard striping, signs & other decorative bits were printed off on my colour inkjet, and created in Photoshop. Some of them are available free on the Sci-Fi Signage post.

The first box is 95% finished; the second one has all the walls and most of the base coat of paint, but no details or anything. They’re a lot of fun to play in, too.

2010 Update: Seven years later, the second box still lacks most details; they haven’t hosted a game in a couple of years but are still around and in good shape. I store small 25mm SF scenery bits in them, as well.

As usual, click on the images for full/larger versions.

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