SG2 Gallery #2

More 15mm stuff from 1999-2000. Click for full/larger view.

Original caption for the first four images:
About the VTOL: This is a kitbashed custom miniature, based on a 1/144th Russian ‘Hokum’ attack helo & a USAF A-10. The body is the Hokum’s, the wings, engine pods and tail are off the A-10. The whole thing took about a week and a half of work, including painting.

In SG2, the stats are roughly as follows: Size 3, Armour 2, GAC/2 TU, 2x MPL, GMS/H. All FireCons SUP, SUP ECM. VTOL mobility. (When these photos where taken, the missle racks hadn’t been fitted under the wings. Call this the Scout version…)

This VTOL is still around, and it’s still one of my favourite projects. It came out damn near perfect from original idea to finish product.

Original caption for the 5th photo onward:
The camera was my usual Minolta XE5, second-hand, nearing 15 years old, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other camera going… Film was Kodak’s Royal Gold 400 ASA; because the pictures were shot in daylight no filters or post-scanning processing was needed for colour correction – the sun is already colour-balanced!

I still have this Minolta, although I finally went digital in 2007 and haven’t touched the big old SLR since!

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