SG2 Gallery #1

More old photos, from 1999-2000. As always, click for full/larger views. Although these are from the Old Days of the web, so they’re not huge images even “Full Size”…

Group caption from the original gallery:
These photos were shot with a standard SLR camera mounting a 50mm lens with close-up lenses. Lighting was a common incandescent 100W bulb and florescent room lighting – a slight yellow tint exists in several of these photos, probably caused by the incandescent bulb. I’m going to look into a camera filter to counteract this. Film for these shots was Kodak 400 ASA colour film. (I happened to have three rolls in the fridge…) Given that these are the first miniature and close-up photographs I’ve ever done, I’m fairly satisfied. I’ve got a lot to learn about close-up photography, however…

Caption for the last four images, from the original gallery:
Second Roll: All these photos were shot in direct sunlight, with the same film and camera setup as the previous roll. These photos are just a bit better than the previous batch – the lighting was better, mainly.

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