Convention Checklist

Under 24hrs to go until my Gottacon game… checklist time.

Figures, Scenery & Stuff
Glue drying on the bases of the last figure needed. Dullcote tonight if I get to it, otherwise they’ll do for one game.
No scenery needed to be built, save a couple of small pieces. My brother has those under control, he assures me.
Vehicles… we have more than enough.
Black felt game cloth just to put under the scenery tiles… forgot that, will have to run without it. Not a big deal, it just would have looked neater with it.
Scenario & player handout material… all neccesary stuff finished, proofread and printed. I even have an 11×17 full colour version of the Amulet of Fire cover to put on one corner of the table!

Con Survival Kit
Bottle of water, large. Check.
Bottles of Coke (2)(Caffeine IS life). Check.
Chocolate bars (simple carbs = fast energy). Check.
Cold pizza (complex carbs are good, too). Check.
Comfy shoes. Check.

Still To-Do Tonight
Rearrange figure cases so all the figs I need for the scenario are in one case, instead of spread over five.
Rearrange scenery slightly so everything is in one banker’s box, not two.
Pick up car, deliver large scenery stuff to convention site, to stash under organizer’s table instead of wrestling with everything tomorrow morning.
Decent night’s sleep.

To-Do, Tomorrow
Find something worth playing in the morning.
2PM PST, inflict pulp mayhem upon the world!

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