Tozo – the Public Servant: a Tintin-esque comic

The Tintin series is a great resource for all sorts of pulpy goodness, and in that, vein, comes Tozo – the Public Servant. Just take a look at the artwork:Inhabiting the retro-futuristic world of Nova Venezia, Tozo is a poor cop pulled into all sorts of intrigue. I haven’t gotten very far, but the nifty machines and beautifully-drawn artwork keeps drawing me further in.

Already at four chapters (over four years), this should be a fun read.

(Brian butting in to add that Pulp Figures have three packs of “Radon Zombies of the Stratosphere” that are fantastically close to the appearance of the Ombra Society thugs in Tozo! Hmm, I’d admired the Radon Zombie figures before but wondered what to do with them…)

(h/t to io9)

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