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I don’t spend a lot of time rummaging around on Youtube, so up until recently I’d missed the immense amount of wargaming material there, especially terrain & scenery tutorials. A lot of the model railroad techniques are really too fiddly (or the resulting scenery too fragile) to really work for wargaming, but there’s lots of wargaming terrain vids and some great ones from the model railroaders that’ll work nicely on the wargaming table.

This might be old news to some of you, but I thought I’d link to a couple of good ones I found. Who knows, this might become a semi-regular feature here.

How to make your own clump foliage.

A machine for making bottlebrush trees. These look good and should be solid enough for wargaming.

From the same guy, how to make pine trees, a variation and expansion of his bottlebrush technique. He also has hedges with another variant of the same bottlebrush technique.

Another YouTuber with lots of good video tutorials is RubbishInRubbishOut of Australia. Here’s his useful Making “Goop” for basing wargaming scenery and terrain, basically a mix of caulking, water, glue and sawdust or sand for texture to quickly add ground texture. He’s got a bunch of other good videos too, well worth checking out.

(I’ve avoided embedding the videos in this post quite deliberately. Half a dozen embedded vids can lock up older computers quite nicely, and the embedding always gets broken on Tabletop Gaming New’s blogroll and other RSS feeds anyway. Go watch the vids on YouTube, they’re worth it!)

4 thoughts on “Scenery and Terrain Vids on Youtube”

  1. I too do not spend a lot of time on YouTube looking for miniature painting stuff, but there is some good tutorials. I set up an automated search/RSS feed as part of my miniature painting news aggregator. You are using it right? 😉

    1. I do visit your aggregator every so often, absolutely! Bit too much of a GW focus for my gaming needs, but that is what’s out there.

      I should do a Warbard post on your aggregator, actually. That way I’ll remember to visit more often, and you get more exposure.

      1. It’s totally a GW world, you’re just living in it. I looked for the best feeds I can find and definitely GW is the most common miniature painted online especially in English. Personally I think skirmish games are more practical than 1500-2000 point armies. 4*4 tables are easier to find than 6*4 or 8*4 too.

        I’d like to paint more non-GW models but if you actually want to get in a game you need to play what other people play or you have to paint all the minis, then host and teach.

        Hopefully the aggregator runs quicker now that I’ve de-emphasized blogspot. I’ll keep my eye open for some non-GW feeds, but people paint what they want to paint. Pinterest might become a useful tool/site for seeing cool minis.

        Also GW has a big marketing budget, video games, movie tie-ins, and things like new paints, new version of 40K this year too supposedly.

        1. I’m not sure why, but this miniature painting blog:

          Is flagged as adult or something when I try to click on it. Perhaps because “Pimp” is in the title. I don’t know, nor do I care. Blogspot just seems an inferior place to have a blog given is also free. WordPress does well in search engines even though Blogspot is owned by Google, it isn’t Google’s focus, whereas WordPress (Automattic) only cares about WordPress.

          I’m removing this blog from my news aggregator, I definitely don’t want porn appearing in it, which is a risk when using tools to build a site, who know who will upload what and tag it… I have to err on the side of caution with this project.

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