Links: Pulp Wargaming

Some links of interest to pulp wargamers. An ongoing project; I’ll bump it back to the top of the posts when it gets updated and expanded!


  • Rattrap Productions — creators of the .45 Adventure (45A) rules we play a lot of. 2nd Ed 45A was released early in 2011.
  • The Virtual Armchair General — publishers of Astounding Tales! 2nd Edition, and three supplements so far, Astounding Adventures! #1, #2 & #3.
  • Pinnacle Entertainment Group — publishers of Savage Worlds, a light roleplaying ruleset with a miniatures focus that’s geared toward pulpy, fast games in a variety of settings, including classic 20s/30s pulp action.
  • Two Hour Wargames publish the pulp adventure Larger Than Life, and also the dinosaur-huntin’ Adventures in the Lost Lands.

Forums, Blogs, and Other Resources

  • Lead Adventure Forums (LAF) — one of the best forums out there, with a focus on adventure games of all genres. Full of crazy, inspirational games and projects!
  • Rattrap’s Speakeasy Forum is the best place to take 45A questions and see the latest from them. Quiet, but not by any means abandoned.

Miniature & Scenery Companies

  • Pulp Figures — Bob Murch’s fantastic 28mm figures.
  • Copplestone Castings — Several 28mm ranges of interest to pulp gamers, including a large 1920s China/Back of Beyond Asia line.
  • Artizan Designs — 28mm Thrilling Tales range, with very nice figures indeed.
  • Brigade Games — a huge and rambling webstore with their own pulp ranges, as well as being North American resellers of Artizan and dealers for Company B, Sloppy Jalopy and others
  • Company B — very nice 28mm vehicles for the interwar period, including Model A Fords, Rolls Royce Armoured Cars, and others. The website is a bit broken, though.
  • Rif Raf Miniatures make a 28mm range for the 1920s Rif War in North Africa; a number of the figures would also work for the Spanish Civil War.
  • Askari Miniatures make a whole bunch of interesting 28mm figures, including 1920s French Foreign Legion, safari hunters and assistants, mules and more.
  • Great War Miniatures have a WW1 range with lots to interest pulp gamers; the company that produces GWM, Northstar Figures, also produces Artizan and are distributors for a lot of other stuff.
  • Woodbine Design, produced by Gripping Beast, do both a nice WW1 range and a great character range as “TWDC Specials” that include Chaps on the Hunt, Damn Poachers, and an increasing number of packs of Very British Civil War-inspired lunacy.

Other Resources

More to come — please get in touch if you have suggestions for these lists!

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