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A White Russian, And Other News

A bit quieter around the Warbard right now; I’m having most of my gaming time sucked up by the Lead Painters League 5 and real life; Corey is however away for the weekend at the Dak-Kon convention up-Island and promises lots of photographs upon his return. He’ll probably be doing a run of Amulet of Fire at some point over the weekend, too.

white rus rifleman
A Brigade Games White Russian rifleman in fur hat, first of a unit. Click for full size.

I’ve been painting various things, most of which I’ll wait for the various rounds of LPL5 to reveal, but here’s one of my new projects – a small foray into the Russian Civil War with a unit of White Russian riflemen, figures from Brigade Games, paint scheme not completely historic but based on inspiration from the Osprey White Armies book and some of the great resources shared on LAF’s Back of Beyond forum. Expect to see five or six of his squadmates in a future LPL5 round!

Minor update, a few hours later: I posted this photo to LAF’s Back of Beyond forum and asked for feedback, and got some excellent advice from some of the local experts. I especially like the fact that Russian troops often had coloured cloth inner parts on their fur hats; this was news to me and it’s a chance to make them more colourful yet!

An LPL3 Archive

As discussed in my last post on entering LAF‘s LPL5, here’s all ten of the images from my 2009 LPL3 entries. I finished somewhere in the bottom third of the pack, but certainly didn’t enter with any expectation of doing much better — I entered to give me incentive to work on my painting and photography, which worked out just fine!

LPL3’s bonus rounds were “Germans” for Round One, which I botched; the German WW1 stormtroopers I did for Round 7 were supposed to be my Round 1 bonus entry, but I ordered them too late. Round 5 was “Cavalry”, which I managed with my first 15mm fantasy unit painted in years. Round 10 was “Lost Worlds”, bonus points for an exploration team, a “native” team and “monster” or similar — pegged max bonus points there, and a photo I’m still proud of!

The entirety of LPL3 is still archived over on LAF.

Lead Painters League 5!

lpl ad
[L]ess than a week left until Round One of the Lead Adventure Forum’s famous and awesome Lead Painters League opens; I entered in 2009 in LPL3, sat out 2010’s LPL4 for a variety of bad reasons, and decided to get my arse in gear and enter LPL5 this year when it was announced a while ago!

Three rounds of the LPL are themed rounds; you can enter anything at any time but get bonus points for following the theme. These theme rounds, especially the big blowout final round, Round 10, are among the most interesting of an already interesting league! LPL5’s special rounds are Round 1: Civilians; Round 5: Africa; Round 10: Scenes from the Movies. I got a good batch of civvies in for Round 1; I think I know what I’ll submit for Round 5 & Africa, but haven’t a damn clue what I’ll do for Round 10 this time around…

I think I’ll do a gallery post in a day or so of my LPL3 entries, just to inspire me to keep on the ball with LPL5 this year.

Entries have to be in by Saturday 12 March at 1200GMT, if you’re inspired to enter. I have no expectation of even getting into the top half of the standings, but it’s a great excuse to finish figures, take good photos, and kick my painting up a notch – entering LPL3 definitely made me a bolder, better painter!