Pulp Vehicle Cards

A while back, I made up a set of eight vehicle outlines, designed to be printed on Letter-sized business card blanks or regular cardstock and used alongside (or instead of) 28mm vehicles on the tabletop. That first set had small cars, light & heavy trucks, and a closed limousine.

Pulp Vehicle Sheet One
Pulp Vehicle Cards Sheet One, PDF

I’ve finally gotten off my duff and made up a second set of cards; this one has sporty roadsters (with and without rumble seats), larger sportscars, an open limousine, and motorcycles with and without sidecars.
Pulp Vehicle Sheet Two
Pulp Vehicle Cards Sheet Two, PDF

2 thoughts on “Pulp Vehicle Cards”

  1. BRIAN! Better late than never – I should have given you a hearty THANK YOU years ago for putting together and sharing these pulp vehicle cards that I’ve been using now for a couple of years.
    They are darn near perfect. Business card sized is a bit small if we’re trying to be scale accurate – but they are “just right” for an RPG where it’s all about “concept” first – and honestly – at this size these cards are physically easier to manage.
    I’ve used them for pulp, modern, and scifi.
    I’m going to print a second set to give to my buddy as I realized they would have been perfect for the game he ran last night.
    THANKS again!!

    1. That’s fantastic, I’m glad you’re getting use out of them nearly 13 years after I posted them here! We’ve not done much classic pulp gaming in the last few years but one day we’ll get back to it. — Brian

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