Photos from a Fantasy Rules! Battle

More old photos resurrected – this time a few from a Fantasy Rules! 2nd Edition game we played years ago. Human medieval knights & footmen vs orcs and goblins with necromancer help. I’m pretty sure this was the first outing of Tony’s undead; years later he’s finally got enough to field an all-undead army without help from my figure collection.

From the original page:
This next series of shots were taken at a friend’s place during a 750pt per side game of Fantasy Rules! 2nd Ed. The setup wasn’t ideal for taking pictures – the table is painted orange and is slightly glossy and the room lighting isn’t great, but some of the pictures capture the ‘heat of the moment’ of the game quite well, I think.

The photos were shot on a Minolta XE5 SLR mounted on a tabletop tripod; the film is Kodak Royal Gold 400 ASA, which is becoming my standard miniature-photo film. After scanning, a bit of colour-correction was done in Paint Shop Pro, to get some of the yellow tint from the lights out of the pictures.

As always, click any image for a full/larger view.

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