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Update, 22 May 2011: Work has started on weeding this list. Don’t expect fast progress, but at least it’s something. This time, I went through and tagged all the Geocities URLs as Dead Links. Actual link fixing will be happening as and when I get to it – feel free to contact us if you have suggested links or want to report a new URL for a site!

Because this section has gotten so large, I’m working on some ways of reorganizing it. I don’t want to go to an alphabetical listing, and many of these sites cover a lot of different areas of the wargaming hobby, so I’m going to start organizing by “Mostly…” categories, using the (in my opinion) most prominent, interesting or best area of a site to figure out where it goes. Eg “Mostly Painting”, “Mostly Galleries”, etc etc. I’m still going to wind up with a large list of unclassified sites, but at least a rough subject sort will be possible… I’m always looking for feedback.

So far, I’ve got The Essential Wargaming Sites, General Wargaming Sites, Mostly Painting, Mostly Paper Models, Mostly Scenery & Terrain and Mostly Links.

The Essential Wargaming Sites:

General Wargaming Sites (unclassified, unclassifiable or not yet classified!):

  • Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers (SFSFW) produce the excellent magazine Ragnarok, and have some interesting stuff on their site.
  • Thomas Pope has a very nice general miniatures page.
  • The Somerset Wargamers have great photos and information, and some good links.
  • Tim’s Toys, Toys, Toys! is a miniature wargaming site, with entertaining battle reports and photos.
  • The Society of Ancients has information, links, and other information.
  • Northern Conspiracy game club have lots of links, scenery information and other items on their web site.
  • Being a Short Discourse on Miniature Wargaming – you’ve got to like a site with a title like this! Mostly historical medieval miniatures, with lots of photos, figure reviews, and lots more.
  • The Medieval Armies DBA Page has figure reviews, battle reports, and links of interest to any miniature wargamer, not just DBA players.
  • Fanaticus – the DBA Resource Site contains enough reviews, essays and other information to interest any gamer, not just DBA players.
  • The Colonial Angle is a great colonial wargaming website, with scenery stuff, battle reports and some links.
  • Heliograph has great articles on Victorian Science Fiction gaming.
  • DBA Online – play DBA over the web! Looks very interesting, and done with the co-operation of WRG & DBA’s authors.
  • Berthier Campaign Management Software is free and designed to manage campaigns for tabletop miniatures battles.
  • CyberBoard is a program allowing you to play tabletop games by PBeM.
  • Web Grognards is possibly the largest, most complete board/map wargaming site out there.
  • RPGnet has interesting resources, reviews and links.
  • Warflag has free historical flags for wargaming.
  • Lead Wars has great photos of historicals miniatures games.
  • The Feldmachink is an interesting, odd, but workable-looking mechanism for hidden movement without a referee.
  • Gylas is an Italian gamer’s site with some nice miniatures photography on it.
  • Legend Games have a variety of gaming resources and articles.
  • Orc’s Drift is a sometimes-entertaining fantasy wargaming site with some very good pictures.
  • Agis’ Miniatures Page is one GZG gamer’s excellent personal page. Incredible miniatures photos with great paintjobs, and a well laid out website.
  • Meeples & Miniatures is a website and podcast that covers a whole variety of minature wargaming fields.
  • Star Ranger’s Starship Combat News is the best information source for all things miniature-starship-related; it’s regularly updated and worth a look!
  • Germ Warfare is an entertainingly different wargames site, with DS2 information & very cool 6mm & 25mm paper buildings to download.
  • Blackmoor Miniatures is the homepage of a professional mini painter; she’s got some cool terrain & miniature photos and tips.
  • Cool Mini Or Not is a painting/modelling/auction site.
  • The Virtual Scratchbuilder builds amazing models, mostlly of historical ships but some starships too.

Mostly Painting:

Mostly Paper Models:

  • Imerius Wargaming’s Printable Terrain pagehas a good selection of printable terrain, nominally science fiction but a lot of the buildings would work just fine in pulp or 20th C. historical stuff.
  • RPGNow and it’s sister site Wargame Vault are great sources for PDFs of paper terrain of all types, mostly fantasy with some SF and a few historical pieces. Quite a bit of free stuff, the rest ranges from very, very cheap to not badly priced; quality is usually very high.
  • More Coming… please suggest free sources for paper terrain to us!

Mostly Scenery & Terrain:

  • Also Currently Empty!

Mostly Links:

  • More Emptiness, I’m Afraid…

Gaming & Miniatures Magazines & Webzines:
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Cvention Listings:
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  • GottaCon is Victoria’s biggest convention, not just miniatures but RPGs, Lego (really!) and more.
  • Trumpeter Salute takes place every year in Burnaby (a suburb of Vancouver, BC) and is well worth it. All sorts of great miniature gaming!
  • DragonFlight is in Seattle. An excellent show every time.
  • The GZG East Coast Convention is in Lancaster, PA early every year. A great time is always had!
  • The GZG West Coast Convention takes place in the SF Bay area, and had it’s first meeting in 2001.
  • Northwest SF Resources convention listings page.

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