Gradient Backgrounds for Photography

I’ve created a number of simple colour gradient backgrounds that I’ve printed out for use in miniature photography, and recently decided to bundle the most useful of them up in a PDF and make it available.

Eight smooth gradient backgrounds included; on North American 8.5×11 paper by default, but they’re all vector-based so they should scale to whatever size paper you can print them on.

The list:

  • Pale Grey
  • Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Black (shades to grey)
  • Blue
  • Sea Blue
  • Blue Grey
  • Tan

These backdrops MAY be used for commercial uses (photographs for a webstore or similar) but the file & printed backdrops MAY NOT be sold on any medium.

Photo Backdrops PDF (60Kb)

Enjoy – let me know how you’re using these, and if you have any suggestions for more colours or other expansions on this idea.

2 thoughts on “Gradient Backgrounds for Photography”

  1. I would suggest using CC-BY (the attribution license) for the PDF. A non-commercial clause doesn’t really give you much protection – even if you had a perfect non-commercial clause to suit your intent, it would be hard to prove that an infringer didn’t just boot up The GIMP and lay down his own gradients – and it makes the work non-Free, whereas the attribution license makes it a Free work and encourages its use by everyone.

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