Greetings, TGN!

The excellent editors of Tabletop Gaming News have just added The Warbard to the TGN Blog Network!

Assuming the TGN feed works the way I think it does, this will be the first post out over the TGN feed. So what’s on The Warbard? Mostly pulp and pulp-flavoured historical gaming, some science fiction, some fantasy, a lot of terrain, and some painting, among other things.

We’ve talked Inkscape and designing for gamers (once, twice, thrice). Being into pulp gaming, naturally we’ve talked zeppelins. Recently, we discussed some Online Resources for WW1 Gamers. A lot of the older material — most of it, in fact — is still around and still useful too. How about pizza boxes for skirmish terrain?

Who is “we”? I started this website in 1998 (!) as “Brian’s Wargame Pages”, then when I relaunched it in January 2011 as The Warbard I invited my brother to help out.

Have a look around, make yourself comforatable, comment on anything that takes your fancy! Glad to have a chance to reach a wider audience!

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