LPL5 Week 6: White Russians!

No, not the (very tasty!) drink, but White Russian Rifles from sometime in the Russian Civil War; the figures are 28mm from Brigade Games and very nice.

White Russian Rifles, my Round 6 entry for LPL5. As always, click for full size.

My Whites will, by the time you read this, have been fairly comprehensively beaten by an Irish medieval/Dark Ages warband with very, very nicely painted freehand shield designs, and Round Seven will be underway!

6 thoughts on “LPL5 Week 6: White Russians!”

  1. Question for you. Were the White Russian uniforms the same as the WWI uniforms? If so, would you mind sharing how you paint yours? Specifically what paint colors you use?

    1. Both Reds and White would have started the Civil War in basically WW1 kit. I have the WW1 Russian Army Osprey book as well as the Red & White RCW Ospreys, and allowing for differences in printing, the basic colours are similar.

      The Whites used a lot of British uniform items as the RCW wore on, too, and the Reds started producing their own uniforms eventually.

      For paint, I use almost exclusively Reaper Master Series, the ones in the nice dropper bottles. Basecoat is Khaki Shadow, then a moderate to light wash of GW Devlan Mud, then progressively highlighted with Khaki Shadow, Terran Khaki and final highlights with Khaki Highlight. Leather gear, boots etc are a variety of brown basecoats, with different brown/burnt umber/sienna artists inks to get a nice rich leather look.

      I use exactly the same base colour for my Bolsheviks, actually, but then a much much heavier coat of Devlan Mud and no final highlight with Khaki Highlight. It’s amazing how different they look together, actually.

      Russian WW1 issue pants were often greener colour than I used on these figures, although a number of my more recently painted figures have a greener tint to the pants.

      Don’t be too concerned with perfect uniformity, logistical issues dogged both sides and there’s some amazing period photos of awesomely ragged looking troops on both sides.

      Hmm, I should rewrite this as a proper post with photos, now that I think about it!

      (Great blog, BTW. Added to my RSS feed!)

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