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I’ve linked to articles on horse painting before, starting with an excellent and now-vanished GW article, but I’ve just discovered a huge series of horse-painting related articles over at the excellent Trouble At T’Mill blog.

“A Horse of a Different Colour” is nine parts long, and goes into fascinating detail about how horses get the colours they do, as well as how to paint the beasts! Part One is an introduction; Part Two talks about markings, white and otherwise, and oddities like the “bloody-shouldered grey” horse. The whole series can be found in reverse order under the horse of a different colour tag over at Trouble. Finally Part Nine is entirely on painting horses, using the stuff discussed previously to get good, interesting horses.

And yes, my renewed interest in painting horseflesh is because there’s more RCW Cossacks on the painting table, as well as a unit of Cuirassiers for my long-neglected English Civil War/Thirty Year’s War army!

2 thoughts on “More Horse Painting Links”

  1. Thanks for the link!

    You’ll be pleased to know the final part of the series will be up just as soon as these boxes of French Chasseurs and Scots Greys hit the top of my painting queue!

    1. Good to know, Mike!

      Looking forward to more horse posts, there’s a unit of ECW Cuirassiers in my painting queue as well as the RCW cav I’m just finishing.

      — Brian

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