Draft Versions of New M&B Cards

As I mentioned recently, I’ve been rebuilding my Russian Civil War cards for Through the Mud & the Blood over the last few weeks. I’ve finally got the revised versions of my existing Red & White Russian card sets for RCW to a point where I’m happy with them, so for a change of pace this evening I set out to design some cards for some of the other forces we’ll have available.

Quickly assembled screenshots of draft M&B cards, some revised, some new.

Above, a quick screenshot of the current state of my cards. The Red Russian card has slightly changed background art; all the Big Man cards have a significantly changed layout with more information, and I’ve got a basic background for both British and Warlord Chinese forces! I have a small force of British in tropical kit, and late in 2012 my brother picked up a starter force of Warlord Chinese from Copplestone, which he promises to paint up one day.

One thing I’m not sure of: flag or star insignia for the Warlord Chinese forces? The flag fits in better with my other force cards, but the star works a bit better with text on top of it, as that black stripe on the flag really gets in the way of legible text. Opinions in comments below, please!

The British are also, of course, likely to be useful for other M&B folks, so I’ll get that set done up next, probably in February after GottaCon 2013, where I’ll be running an M&B-powered RCW game!

4 thoughts on “Draft Versions of New M&B Cards”

  1. Hi Brian, the cards look terrific. It’s a great touch to add the extra details of command radius and fire/ melee to the leader cards – that’ll help a bunch when you’re running the game. As for the Chinese cards, I really like the star symbol you have in the test version. I think it makes the Chinese just that little bit different! Very cool!

    1. Thanks, Sidney! I think I will stick with the star for the eventual Warlord cards, it’s both different and easier to read text around than the black bar of the Warlord flag.

      Your blog is a very dangerous place, it keeps trying to suck me into Western Front gaming and my RCW project is more than enough for now!

      — Brian

  2. Brian these look great I am in the throws of adapting Mud & Blood for the RJW and this will be a great idea to provide more clarity on the field.

    1. Thanks, Stu. Keep the TFL list updated with new of your Russo-Japanese project, I’m always curious about other M&B adaptations.

      — Brian

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