Swampy Pond Resin Water Test

I started a pond as a test piece just before starting the whole river section project, and it’s been progressing one or two steps ahead of the rest of piece all along. Like the river pieces, the base is sheet plastic styrene with air drying clay for banks, and it was then covered in fine sand before being primed black.

It got painted and decorated with various foliage bits, and after letting all of that dry for a bit I tried out a new-to-me water effect with cheap resin 5-minute epoxy glue.

Pond all painted and foliage’d with flock, static grass, and tufts from various sources. Click for larger.

For water I’m trying out ordinary hardware store 5-minute epoxy glue, as shown in one of Luke’s APS YouTube videos on water effects – this link is to the main channel page, as I can’t remember which of his water videos actually talks about epoxy glue for water. Sorry – will update if I find it!

Anyway, I squeezed the 5-minute epoxy right into the pond bottom and mixed it with a scrap stir stick. There was a brief scare when it went all silvery while I was mixing part of it, but that cleared up right away, thankfully.

I wound up using three overlapping small batches of epoxy to fill the pond to the current level, then left that for 24 hours to fully cure.

The pond with the first batch of 5-minute epoxy water curing. Click for larger.

It needs a bit more epoxy around the outer edges as the first pour didn’t get right in under and behind some of the reed bunches, but I’m really happy with how it’s going so far! For the second pour I’m going to try getting the epoxy glue a bit thinner by warming the dispensing syringe with a hot water bath before squeezing it out.

5 thoughts on “Swampy Pond Resin Water Test”

    1. Thanks, Chris! I’m quite pleased with the epoxy glue as water, but tackling the river modules is going to be a much bigger (and smellier!) job — Brian

  1. Looks pretty good from here. Sure, the water is a bit “thick” looking, but no one will notice during a game, and making the second coat thinner should help that (and maybe you could over paint it with a coat of future or something anyway.)

    1. This layer of expoxy didn’t self-level (ie, dry perfectly flat) so the “thickness” is kind of apparent. I’m hoping a thinned second layer will both fill in the edges around the reeds and self-level. We shall see! — Brian

  2. That sure looks it’s part. Perhaps the water isn’t as still as it could be, but the rippling effect gives a bit of a waves effect, made by wind for example.

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