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Repainting Commercial Stone Walls

Pegasus produce a range of prepainted plastic 28mm wargaming scenery; all the stuff I’ve seen has been well cast but mostly badly painted. The stone wall sections are good value for money, though, with six 6″ sections for $10 at my Friendly Local Gaming Store.

I picked up a pack, took them home and while repainting them, took enough photos to assemble into a quick, hopefully inspirational, how-to.

Stone Wall Painting Tutorial
(Click the image to see the full-size version at Flickr)

Two CD Terrain Tutorials

Two photo tutorials I did a while back, both on CD-based terrain.

CD-based Terrain Tutorial, Part 1

Full-sized (fully readable!) original on Flickr.

CD-base Terrain Tutorial, Part Two

Full-sized (fully readable!) original on Flickr.

And another pic of some of the scenery I’ve done following the techniques of these short tutorials:
Three Road CDs

I’ve also got a Wargame Terrain & Projects Flickr set with more related photos.