Jurassic Pulp II: Rex Stomps Back!

Back in October 2009, near the beginning of this pulp craze of ours, I ran a game I called “Jurassic Pulp”, inspired by that T Rex vs SUV chase scene in the original Jurassic Park movie. We used Model Ts instead of SUVs, though, and they’re just a bit more fragile than a modern SUV. T Rex hasn’t changed, though!

A fairly complete report on that first game can be found over on Lead Adventure, including some post-game ideas from both Corey and I.

When we were kicking ideas around for a new .45 Adventure convention game, the idea of reviving Jurassic Pulp came up. I’ve started to run with it, beginning with some new play aids and graphics:

These are sized to print on business cards, so they’re simpler than stock .45 Adventure stats cards but still show the important information for the dinosaurs and other creatures. The idea is to have a deck of these interspersed with other events and special cards to drive the game.

45A 2nd Edition has streamlined driving rules, so this should be a good, fast, high-energy and high-lunacy pulp game to roll out at our local conventions!

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