Breaking Radio Silence…

I’ve been out of town on a work project for the last seven weeks, after rushing through the last couple rounds of my Lead Painter League entries before I left. While I was gone I was stupidly busy and had no time to game, paint or even really keep up on hobby news!

However, I’m back home now as of Sunday night and can’t wait to get back to my painting bench and some gaming!

I did order some things while I was away — the magic of Paypal and the internet at work — so I have the new Pulp Alley expansion waiting for me to read it and try it in a game, a big bundle of 28mm buildings from Sarissa Precision to start assembling and painting, and another order from Pulp Figures incoming to add to my painting queue.

I had a quick first look at the Sarissa Precision CityBlock 28 buildings earlier this evening, and they look great. They’ll be easy to assemble and paint, but should also reward a bit of extra effort to add detailing and personality to them. Expect a review and a series of build articles here on the Warbard in the near future.

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