Sarissa CityBlock Buildings, Part The Third

Progress continues on my seven Sarissa Precision buildings, albeit at a slower pace than I’d intended!

Basecoat and drybrushing is done on all seven buildings, gravel roof details likewise in place on all seven, most of the doors and windowframes are painted, and I’ve started cleanup and finishing.

I’ve always liked the looks of the big hand-painted signs and advertisements on the sides of older buildings, so given the wide blank side walls of the Sasrissa CityBlock buildings, it seemed natural to break out the smaller paintbrushes and go to it!

Newly-painted Hotel Atlantic sign on the side of the three-storey Sarissa Precision CityBlock building. Click for larger, as usual!

Still some cleanup to be done on the basic lettering, and I might yet redo the red ornamenting in both top corners, but the basics are done and I like how it turned out. This was all done freehand with a brush over some light pencil lines for guides, after I used Inkscape on the computer initially to play with letter sizes and spacing and figure out some basic guides. The “Hotel Atlantic” seemed like a good generic name, likely to occur anywhere in the English-speaking world, or even in non-English-speaking areas as the hotel set up to cater to English-speaking travellers.

One of the other buildings has a blank white square on it currently; later this week I’ll figure out what sort of sign or ad I want on it, too.

5 thoughts on “Sarissa CityBlock Buildings, Part The Third”

    1. Each floor is a separate unit of four walls and the floor itself, and the roof is likewise a separate unit, so the whole building comes apart with each floor playable and accessible. I’ll get some photos of the buildings disassembled soon and post them. — Brian

      1. Excellent. Gamecraft has something similar for 15mm that I have looked at for Lebanon games. Did the building come textured with the bricks or did you have to add that yourself?

        1. The brick detail is all laser-engraved in when you get them. The unpainted sidewalk in the lower-right of the photo gives a pretty good idea of what they look like unpainted — Brian

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