coastline overview

Coastline Complete

The first coastline segments are done, barring a tiny amount of touchup here and there.

coastline overview
Overview of the coastline and other bits. Click for larger.

The sandbank off the headland still needs some paint and the waves done, and I need to do a bit of drybrushing along all the cliff segments to get a better colour match along the whole thing.

Low level view of the coastline, starting from the headland. Click for larger.
Low over the coastline, approaching the village. Click for larger.
Over the village and looking at the farms and countryside beyond. Click for larger.
The last part of the finished coastline features a lazy tidal river and mudflats.

I’m planning on running this 1/1200 naval game and a big 28mm Pulp Alley game at Trumpeter Salute 2020 in April (the 17th through 19th) so I doubt I’ll do more coastal segments until after that, but in the future I do want to do several more segments, enough eventually to have one side of a table as solid coastline, so six or more feet.

Now on to the tiny ships!

2 thoughts on “Coastline Complete”

  1. Your pictures show off what a great job you have done creating a very realistic miniature landscape- I love it. What are your plans for the ocean itself?

    1. I’ll talk about that next blog post but I think I might use that chunk of grey felt and tint it blue/green with diluted paint and a spraybottle. Should give a good chilly North Sea/English Channel look. There’s lots of bright blue tropical/Med sea mats out there but not a lot I’ve seen look properly northern! — Brian

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