The Saltwater Slaughter (BB Roster)

Posting this mostly for the other folks in the local V-Nuffle Blood Bowl League that has just started it’s fourth season; I’ve got a Lizardman team involved, the Saltwater Slaughter. The figures have been seen here before, although I am going to try to get new and better photos sometime soon!

Fairly standard Lizard team, at least to start: 1 Kroxigor, 6 Sauri, 4 Skinks, 2 re-rolls, 20,000 gold in the bank. No team doc, but I’ll probably add one after the first or second game, as well as a fifth Skink as soon as possible.

PDF Roster for the team at their base/starting setup: Saltwater Slaughter – V-Nuffle July 2014.

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